Day of fun at Manly

Since I moved to Australia, I started to do a bit of surfing. It's so much fun, but it's so damn difficult.

Dusky Dolphins

We woke up at 4.30am, while it was still dark and the Milky Way clearly visible. Two hours later we were on the waters of Kaikoura, looking out for Dusky Dolphins and witnessing the first sun-rays rising up from the sea. My friend borrowed me his GoPro and so I could capture some of the breathtaking moments out there in the big ocean.

Technology used/
GoPro Hero3, FCP, AE

Board of Canada, Sundown

Sweet Coffee

Short film about my daily mornings.

What's used:
Kitchen Liquids, Nikon D5100, After Effects, Cinema4D

Music by Klaus, BT Gulf

The Land Of Ice and Fire

End of august 2013 my girlfriend and I did a little road-trip in Iceland. During 7 days we drove around the whole island and admired Iceland's raw nature. Despite not seeing any northern lights, it was totally unforgettable.

Camera used: Nikon D5100
Also credit to the magic Warp Stabiliser in AE

Last Remnants

Having some fun with particles.
Software used: AfterEffects, Cinema4D


Software used: Cinema4D, AfterEffects


Form and shapeThe Birth of lilith

3d Camera tracker

Using the new 3d Camera Tracker in After Effects Cs6
Software used: Cinema4D, AfterEffects

Tricks and Tread

Software used: Cinema4D, AfterEffects

Milk Illustration

A CGI in Cinema4d and photshop

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